DreamPlay technology brings toys to life! Through the magic of smart devices, and ID recognition technology, you can play with your toys in a completely new and exciting way. DreamPlay enhances and extends the play of toys by instantly linking a physical toy to video content, animation, and interactive game play. Play with your favorite toys in both the real and digital worlds at the same time or take your favorite toy experience on-the-go! All of these experiences are possible through the magic of DreamPlay!


Ariel's Musical Surprise

Dive into the undersea world of Ariel with Ariel's Musical Surprise! Explore her magical treasure cave and discover a world of hidden surprises.

miWorld Mall

Create & customize your own miWorld avatar and take her shopping to all the miWorld virtual shops!

Max Tow Truck

Max Tow Truck: He's the hardest working tow truck. He can push, pull & climb over just about any obstacle!


Jakks has released a number other technology based toys including EZ DJ Pro, our SpyNet line and TV Games! Our innovative toy lines use technology in new and exciting ways. Take a look around to see for yourself and stay tuned for more amazing things to come!

Spy Net: Lie Detector

Welcome secret agents to Spy Net Lie Detector. This App is for use in the field to better help you determine fact from fiction on any mission.

BabyWatch 2.0

Baby Watch 2.0 is a safe and secure baby monitoring system for your home. This app will allow you to view video from your Baby Watch Monitor while on the go.

Spy Net: Secret ID Kit

Welcome secret agents to Spy Net Secret ID Kit. Here you will be able to create customized ID's to aid you on your missions.