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DreamPlay apps have augmented reality experiences within them that are visible through your smart device in connection with the physical toy related to the app.
Yes, you can play with the apps without owning the toys. If you own the toys, you can experience the true magic of DreamPlay.
Several Jakks Pacific toy brands include a DreamPlay experience. Please see the Apps with DreamPlay page for the list.
Each DreamPlay app is different, so once you download the app you are interested in, follow the instructions to view each app’s augmented reality experience.
Each app has different requirements, but for the most part, our apps are available on both iOS and Android devices. Please check each app’s requirements when downloading.
There are DreamPlay apps for all ages. Please check the description of each app to learn the appropriate age range.
Please check the system and device requirements for each app to ensure your device is able to play the app.