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Wild Manes

Ride into Wild Manes, a whimsical world full of girls’ favorite things – food, friends, flair and fun. These adventure-loving horses are the center of Mane Street with their colorful manes, shops-on-wheels and signature styles. Be part of their friendship and wild adventures this Summer 2024 with the launch of the Wild Manes animation series and Roblox game!

Introducing Wild Manes™

Meet the Wild Manes, a group of horse besties doing real-kid things in a horse-filled world. With Wild Manes, the endless days are full of sweet treats, chilling with friends, and doing what you love. Find the filly that speaks to you!
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HAYYY! You’re new to the town of Wild! Well hang onto your horseshoes and gallop over to Mane Lane – the wildest, liveliest, friendliest place in town! Catch the all-new Wild Manes, the Animated Series, on YouTube @WorldofWildManes. Coming Summer 2024!
Wild Manes coming Summer 2024 on Roblox

Digital Games

Step into a world of wonder with Wild Manes! Our upcoming Roblox game, launching in Summer 2024, promises enchanting adventures and endless fun. Get ready to join us on an unforgettable journey filled with quests, challenges, EXCLUSIVE UGC and boundless creativity. Stay tuned for the excitement to come!

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