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Bean & Francois 4-inch 2-pack

Bean & Francois 4-inch 2-pack



3+ year

Your favorite foodie friends are now available in a pack of 2!
Bean may come across as a bit frosty, but that’s from his permanent brain freeze! Don’t let that fool you though; he’s actually just a big softy!
Francois is definitely a crowd pleaser, but it’s usually best to get him when he’s fresh. He really does try, but once he starts to cool, he knows he can come off a little soggy.

  • Classic 4” Ami Amis collectible plush soft serve ice cream cone and fries
  • Ami Amis Wave 1 characters
  • Rarity: Bean – Rare, Francois – Rare
  • Themes: Foodie Friends


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