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Fast Food Multipack

Fast Food Multipack

3+ year

Ami Amis™ are an ever-growing collection of soft and cozy knit plush characters inspired by you, the collector’s, favorite things. This Ami Amis Fast Food Plush Multipack brings a ton of extra fun to your play with 4 special characters in this delicious, tasty theme. With seemingly endless ways to collect, share, and display, Ami Amis™ Multipacks help you to create a crew that is uniquely you! Each Ami Amis™ Plush is super cuddly and has an individual personality, story, and identity all its own. Create your collection of tight knit friends with Ami Amis™.

  • 4 piece boxed set
  • Fast food meal themed set comes with hamburger, fries, bag, and an adorable ketchup packet!
  • Ami Amis are cute and quirky themed plush!
  • Cozy knitted plush characters inspired by our collector’s favorite things!
  • Oh-so-cute and collectible!
  • Extra soft, snuggly knit material with embroidered features.
  • Great gift idea for the plush lovers, both young and old, in your life!


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