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Ursula’s Mystical Cauldron

Ursula’s Mystical Cauldron

3+ year

Experience the unforgettable magic of Disney’s The Little Mermaid with Ursula’s Mystical Cauldron! Now you can recreate the magical movie moment where Ursula captures Ariel’s voice and transforms her into a human! This amazing motion-activated cauldron features lights, sounds and music, and comes with 11 accessories to create your own potions, just like Ursula!

Ursula’s Mystical Cauldron really bubbles with added water and the wave of a hand! As you move your hands over the motion-sensors, Ursula’s voice talks, cackles, and sings from within the cauldron as mystical lights illuminate underneath your potion! Place the seashell necklace onto the rim of the cauldron to pretend to capture Ariel’s voice! You’ll hear Ariel singing just like in the movie! Dip the color-changing Ariel figurine into cold water inside the cauldron to change her mermaid tail to human legs! Once she’s a human, you can change her back to a mermaid again with warm water too! The magic doesn’t stop there! See the included spell book for recipes to make additional spells and potions, or switch to non-water play mode for mess-free fun! Which mystical spells will you create?

  • PRETEND TO CAST SPELLS LIKE URSULA:Just like Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, you can pretend to cast mystical spells again and again!
  • MOTION ACTIVATED MAGIC:Wave your hands over the cauldron to activate lights, music and phrases from Ursula!
  • REAL WATER BUBBLING FEATURE:Pour water into the cauldron and see it bubble as you pretend to cast magical spells!
  • LIGHTS, PHRASES & PLAYS “POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS”:Cauldron plays cackles and phrases from Ursula, as well as her signature song “Poor Unfortunate Souls”!
  • HEAR ARIEL’S VOICE:Place the seashell necklace on the rim of the cauldron to play out the scene where Ursula steals Ariel’s voice as she sings.
  • TRANSFORM ARIEL FROM MERMAID TO HUMAN:Dip the Ariel figure into the water to transform her from mermaid to human and back again, just like Ursula!
  • 11 ACCESSORIES:Includes fizzies, seashell necklace, Ariel figurine, potion bottles, beaker, funnel, eye dropper, stir stick, and a spell book for complete storytelling play!
  • CREATE YOUR OWN POTIONS & SPELLS:Continue the fun by creating your own homemade potions with the included spell book!
  • 2 PLAY MODES:Features 2 play modes for water and non-water play!
  • MAKES FOR THE PERFECT GIFT:Ursula’s Mystical Cauldron makes for the perfect birthday or holiday gift for fans of Disney’s The Little Mermaid!
  • INCLUDES:1 Cauldron, 2 Fizzies, 1 Seashell Necklace, 1 Ariel Figurine, 2 Potion Bottles, 1 Beaker, 1 Funnel, 1 Eye Dropper, 1 Stir Stick and 1 Spell Book
  • 3 x AA Batteries Included


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